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Individual & group counselling sessions for a variety of issues, particularly those shown below

A safe place to be heard, understood and helped

Are you wanting to

  • improve your relationship with yourself, rediscovering who you are beyond the pain story you’ve been living
  • improve your relationships with your children, your parents or your friends
  • heal your broken heart after a relationship ends
  • find joy again after the death of a loved one, from miscarriage right through to old age
  • find meaning in life when living with the uncertainty of infertility
  • cope with a major life transition, such as retirement or an emptying nest
  • get support as a homeschooling parent by someone who want tell you to ‘put your kids back in school’
  • be heard, understood and validated in whatever you’re going through

Don’t let fear of the unknown, or stigma and shame hold you back from getting the counselling that can help you thrive. Counselling is not about ‘fixing’ you, or diagnosing you as a problem. It is about supporting you as you rediscover your strength, dignity, identity and hope no matter what challenges life is throwing at you.

Whether you are struggling with a particular issue, or just feeling like you’re not thriving as you’d like to, counselling can help you get your life back on track. My professional training and lived experience help me to understand and support you in your personal journey from pain to joy, from grief to growth, from despair to hope. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Parenting & Homeschooling

Do you find yourself looking at your children and wishing they could be more like the ideal you’ve always imagined? It is easy to wish they were different, instead of looking at ourselves and wondering how we can be different. You can create an environment in which love, respect, compassion and kindness flourish. You can prioritise relationships over rules, connection over control, and peace over punishment. I know how it feels to be stuck in a negative spiral and how it feels to live a life more true to our values. If you’d like support to help you do this, get in touch!

Homeschooling parents can feel immense pressure to produce protégés and live ‘perfect lives’. When we take the pressure off performance and prioritise relationships, everyone wins! Unschooling parents can struggle to find a therapist who understands and supports their choices. As an experienced homeschooler/unschooler, and passionate parenting advocate, I can help you become the parent you wish you’d had when you were a child. 

Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief touches us all, eventually. Is your grief invisible to everyone else but looming so large in your own life you can hardly breathe? Are you struggling to get up in the morning, or sleep at night?

Are you heartbroken by infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, termination or neonatal death, struggling with the invisibility of lost dreams? Have you lost someone older and you miss them desperately, or miss the relationship you wish you’d had, or the things you wish you’d done differently?

Are you struggling with the loss of your  marriage, home, pet, job, or perhaps a role identity you held dear?

Counselling can be your safe space to grieve, and your pathway to integrating the grief into a life of hope and meaning.

Straight Spouse Counselling

There is nothing quite like finding out that the person whose eyes you gazed into on your wedding day was not being truthful about who they are. There is nothing quite like finding out that the years of confusion and the absence of desire were caused by closeted homosexuality, or undisclosed gender confusion. 

Whether you ‘tied the knot’ or not, the pain is much the same, although each person experiences it differently.

What seems to be common is a feeling of being overlooked, dismissed, invalidated, unheard, unseen and invisible in this strange, mysterious form of grief. For many, it is a traumatic loss that seems at times to be unsurvivable.

When society says, ‘celebrate them coming out’ or ‘why didn’t you know’, you are left with more loss: the ability to trust yourself and your own judgment, the loss of support, compassion and understanding. 

I get it, I lived it, I hear you, see you and understand something of the pain you may be experiencing. And I can tell you that there is hope for a better tomorrow. Come and join us at ‘Not My Closet’ where you will no longer feel quite so alone. Side note: counselling really helps. 

I Help My Clients With A Range of Concerns







Life transitions

Substance abuse

Separation & Divorce

Rebuilding Trust



Grief and loss

Guilt and shame

Identity Issues


Parenting & Homeschooling


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