Relationship Grief

Counselling for when your heart is broken by the one you love

Relationship Grief

Your heart is broken. You didn’t sign up for this! You were in love – you gave your heart to this person, trusting that they would love you in return. They made your soul sing; you never felt more alive than you were together. But now, this… Soul-crushing, heart-breaking grief. It’s hard to imagine feeling happy again. Your soul-mate, the one who should have loved you the most, who was supposed to be by your side until you were both old and grey, has been the one to hurt you more than any other.

It is such a betrayal, to be hurt by the one you trusted. How can you learn to trust again?

Counselling for your relationship grief may be just what you need to help you recover and find joy again. Counselling provides a safe place for you to grieve – to be heard, held and understood. It is a place where you are the most important person in the room. It is all about you and what you need. It is a place to heal, grow, and rediscover your strength, your hope, and your joy.

I know it is possible to recover because I have been where you are. I have had my heart broken more than once and I thought I would never smile again. As a professional counsellor who gets what it’s like to feel betrayed, I can support you through your painful journey and help you find your way forwards, towards a better, brighter future. I can help you heal, and help you prepare for a future relationship or an awesome single life!

If you’re grieving a relationship after discovering your partner is LGBT, you may want to check out my Not My Closet page. 

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

Sharon Salzberg

Counselling for Relationship Grief

If you are experiencing relationship grief, you do not have to suffer alone. Counselling is available online, from the comfort of your own home or another private place, and also in Melbourne, Australia.

You are not ‘damaged goods’ and deserve to remember your worth and value.

You are not broken, even though you may feel broken-hearted.

You can find joy again – I did!

You may be thinking, “I should be over it by now” or “Other people seem to cope okay” but the reality is, if you’re hurting, you’re hurting, and it takes time to heal.

Counselling does not have to be saved for when things get so bad that it’s critical. You can choose to invest in your healing and recovery now, placing a high value on your recovery process, so you can remember that you are more than this experience and you have new chapters to write.

Instead of struggling through, you can gain a new perspective on what has happened, learn more about yourself, and develop new insights into the sort of person you want to be, and the sort of relationship you might want to have.

You can turn hindsight into foresight by deconstructing the pain story and reconstructing a new story that is authored by you.

Hi, I'm Karen and I can help

I am a grief and relationship counsellor in Melbourne, Australia, providing online counselling and also in-person counselling after the COVID pandemic eases.

I am a degree-qualified counsellor with more than my “fair share” of relationship grief to add the personal, lived-experience richness to my counselling skills. It is my privilege to sit alongside you in your pain and help you find your joy again.

The Grief of Discovering that your Partner is LGBT

One challenging type of relationship grief is the discovery that your partner has been withholding the truth about their sexual identity or gender identity. If this has happened to you, or you would like to find out more, you are welcome to visit our specialty site, Not My Closet.

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