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Online Counselling by Email

Email Counselling

Do you enjoy reading and writing as a way of processing your experiences and emotions? Do you find it difficult to attend sessions in a particular location or at a particular time? Is it difficult for you to find a private place to talk? Are you open to considering a new way to experience therapy?

Benefits of Email Counselling (Existing Clients Only)

  • It’s accessible at a time that suits you
  • It’s accessible wherever you are 
  • You can take your time to consider what you’re needing to ask or express and read over your email before sending it
  • You can take your time to reflect, digest and re-read the responses from your counsellor before responding
  • You can look back over old emails to get a sense of your growth and progress
  • It’s accessible whether you are unwell, on holiday, or even during your lunch break at work
  • It’s accessible if you have difficulty finding a quiet, private place for online talk therapy

Note that this is an add-on service for existing clients only. It can be useful for times of illness or holidays, or when synchronous sessions are otherwise not suitable for a time.

As a Level 2 Professional Member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO), with specialised training in all forms of online therapy, including email, I’m well-equipped to support you in this way. 

Writing about your struggles, emotions, and relational and life difficulties can be a cathartic experience that allows you the opportunity to release pent-up emotions and mind-cluttering thoughts. Receiving a therapeutic response from your counsellor provides the empathy, understanding and clarity that are not always accessible through other forms of writing.

Email therapy is particularly suitable for people who find it difficult to attend sessions in person due to time or geography restraints, as emails are written and responded to asynchronously. This allows you to write at a time that suits you, wherever you are. 

Email counselling is also beneficial for people who enjoy writing, reviewing and editing their thoughts and having time for reflection before responding, as silence is naturally embedded into email counselling. 

Further, email counselling can be helpful for people who are housebound, have hearing difficulties, or experiencing social anxiety. Needless to say, it’s particularly suitable during a global pandemic! 

How Does Email Counselling Work?

Sessions are conducted securely via an encrypted email provider. One asynchronous email ‘session’ is a single email interaction between yourself and your counsellor of up to approximately 1000 words. You will be able to write freely about your problems and difficulties, share your emotions and thoughts, and request feedback. You will receive a therapeutic response within 24-72 hours.

Options for email counselling include single sessions or discounted bundles which are paid upfront.

Step 1: Contact me to express your interest and find out more.

Step 2: New clients will need to sign and submit a counselling agreement and intake form. This ensures you are giving your informed consent to receive email counselling and that both of us are clear about the boundaries and arrangements.

Step 3:  Select a single session or discounted multiple sessions, and you will be sent an invoice for payment.

Step 4: Send your email of up to 1000 words at a time that suits you.

Step 5: You’ll receive a therapeutic email response within 24-72 hours once payment has been received.

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