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Online Counselling

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Online counselling in your home or anywhere

I offer online counselling by video, phone, email or text, for clients in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific Region, the UK and Ireland.

Online counselling enables you to receive therapy from the comfort of your own home, or wherever is most suitable to you. 

Some people actually prefer online counselling. Advantages include reduced travel times and costs, an increased feeling of comfort, and even the opportunity to have your pet with you! Online counselling also enables you to see the therapist of your choice, regardless of geographical local.

As an accredited online counsellor with Australian Online Therapy and Training Pty Ltd., I am well equipped to offer online sessions for you.

Video or Phone Sessions

Creating a Confidential, Private Space

Things to consider when choosing your online counselling environment:

  • Is the space private?
  • Is the door able to be locked?
    • If not, will others respect your request for privacy and refrain from entering the room?
      • Can you/have you spoken with them about this?
      • Were they receptive?
  • Can anyone outside the room hear you speaking?
    • If so, it can help to use the white noise of a fan or an alternative source of background noise. (The white noise source is best placed outside the doorway of the room you’re in)
    • It is helpful to use earbuds or headphones so your counsellor’s voice is only hearable by you

Other alternative choices may include the laundry, a walk-in wardrobe, a loft, or even your car parked in a private, safe spot!

It is important that you are comfortable and safe, in a private location, for the duration of the session.

Technical Set-Up

  • A laptop or desktop computer is ideal. It is helpful to use the biggest screen size available to you (that you can also have in a comfortable, confidential space).
  • If you will be using a phone or tablet, please prop up the device so that it is stable and your arms don’t get tired. 
  • Whatever device you’re using, please ensure the camera is about level with your eyes. You may need to prop up your device or laptop on other items, such as a pile of books.
  • An important element of video counselling, that enhances its efficacy, is to have good eye contact. To achieve this, please ensure your face is well lit and that you don’t have a bright light source directly behind you.

Internet Connection

It is helpful to move your computer as close as possible to your WiFi router (the box that makes the WiFi), or preferably connect your computer directly into the router with an ethernet cable. Closing unneeded programs will enhance internet speed.

Email or Text sessions

Email Counselling

Email counselling can be particularly helpful when you do not have a safe, private space to talk. It is particularly suitable for people who find it easy to express themselves through writing.

Text Counselling

Counselling by text can be suitable for people who are unable to have a voice or video session and prefer the interaction of live-chat, rather than asynchronous emails. A secure messaging portal is used for the live-chat session.

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