Meditation, Music & Nature: A Healing Trilogy

Meditation, Music & Nature: A Healing Trilogy

Meditation, music and nature are a healing trilogy for hurting hearts; a perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.

Here in Melbourne, Australia, we are facing yet another lockdown due to increasing cases of Coronavirus. Having been through Australia’s most extensive, significant lockdown in 2020, many people are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, fear and dread.

It is at times like this that we need to nurture our souls, bring healing balm to our stress and anxiety, and regulate our distress. One of the ways we can do this is by treating our senses to the sounds of music, the sights of nature, and the experience of stillness.

We may have lost the privilege of going to our preferred places for solace and comfort, but we can still reap some benefits from a virtual experience.

Michael Johnson, the resident harpist and composer at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, often using music as a tool for mindfulness and meditation. He has recorded a beautiful piece that has been overlaid with a calming meditation, along with video footage from the beautiful gardens many of us can not currently visit.

I encourage you to watch the video on fullscreen mode with headphones on and notifications turned off, to fully (virtually!) immerse yourself in the experience. Perhaps if you haven’t yet used up your quota of outdoor exercise time, you could watch the video while sitting in a favourite nature spot within your allowable 5km travel zone.

Wherever you are in the world, whether in lockdown or not, I hope you enjoy this little moment of meditation, music and nature; that it enriches your day and soothes your soul.

Where are your favourite nature locations that soothe your soul? I’d love to hear from you in the comments about places you love to go to restore your sense of groundedness and wellbeing. Or perhaps you might want to share a favourite piece of music that transports you to a place beyond your physical location.

Life may not be “normal” or easy right now, but we can take steps to lift our spirits. I hope this video does that for you.

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