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Rediscovering Hope - Creating a Meaningful Life

Sometimes the “life of your dreams” isn’t exactly going the way you’d dreamed it would…

Are you feeling overwhelmed with grief and sadness? Is it hard to imagine a day when you might smile again? Not just the turned-up-lips-with-hollow-eyes-smile, but the kind that comes from a warm, contented heart?

Are you struggling to be the kind of parent you wish you’d had when you were a child? Are you struggling to break free from your history, to create a life with your children that you desire?

Have you woken up one day to discover that your partner isn’t who you thought they were, and that you have been closeted along with them, without your knowledge? Are you wondering how to make sense of it all, and if you can survive this confusing, misunderstood grief as you try to rebuild a life that makes sense?

If you can relate to any of these realities, you are just the kind of person I love to work with. There is a way through the pain, challenges and overwhelm. There is hope. I know this, because I have lived all of these stories and more.

You are not alone

I’m Karen Bieman, a registered counsellor in Melbourne, Australia. I came to counselling later in life, with my personal experience enhancing my professional training.

My passion is to provide a safe space for people to be heard, to process their pain, find hope in their grief, and create a life they love. I use a variety of approaches depending on what is best for you. At my core, I work from a person-centred approach, as you are the expert in your own life. My role is to provide a warm, empathic, non-judgmental space in which you can find hope and meaning again. 

A Little Bit More About Me

When I was five years old, my parents opened our home to a little boy, who became my permanent foster brother. Some years later, we also fostered his sister. Living alongside people who had suffered serious early trauma opened my eyes and heart and I knew from the age of about 12 that I wanted to work in a helping profession.

Later experiences of grief and loss, including the negligent death of my second baby, my father’s death from cancer, and the ending of a complex 24-year marriage, led me to pursue my own healing through counselling, which confirmed what I already knew: this is my destiny. It has been calling to me for a long time and I know it is the way I want to work with people.

Over the years I have invested myself deeply into my role as a parent, including home education and running groups for other parents. I have volunteered with social justice organisations, in student mentoring, supporting bereaved parents through Sands Australia, and as a telephone counsellor with Griefline.

After completing my Diploma of Counselling, I began my counselling degree, which I have almost completed. Throughout the process I have also undertaken additional training in grief and loss and continue with regular supervision, as is standard practice for all registered counsellors.

I currently work from counselling rooms at Redefine Life Centre in Boronia, Melbourne (Australia), and I also do online counselling. 

I truly believe we can find our way through deep pain and sadness, and discover immense growth along the way. I believe we can learn to live with loss in a way that is meaningful and hope-filled, in a way that is unique to us. We can rewrite our life story, moving from striving and surviving, to thriving and flourishin.

Working alongside you in your very own hero-journey is a privilege and an honour.

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